Custom Made Baby Cots

baby cots

Creating the safest Baby Cots environment for babies

Most first time parents are not aware of the difference in safety from one brand of Baby Cots Furniture to another.

At Masswood Projects, we do all the hard work for you. This ensures that we only offer products that are safe for your baby and offer higher quality design features. The bottom line is that they are built to last and safe for your baby.

Our range of baby furniture includes baby cots, toddler beds, change tables to chests of drawers, chest changers, dressers, trundle drawers, book cases, toy boxes and more. It has all been selected based on quality, practicality, safety and value. Most of the cats are convertible baby cots.

We focus on cots that are standard size costs versus boori size cots which ensures you never have a problem with suitable baby bedding. This means that all your cot accessories will be suitable.

We believe all of our nursery furniture products are the best value for money products on the market. We deliver our nursery furniture and baby furniture all over South Africa, including into remote areas with extremely competitive costs.

Baby on the way? Oh Yeah! It’s time to make that dream nursery a reality. Start here for your essential nursery gear.We make modern and contemporary baby beds, nursery chairs, changers, dressers and clever storage solutions.

We continually seek out the ‘best of the best‘ in the Nursery design space. Looking to procure thoughtful, brilliant and stylish products for you and baby. We work tirelessly to constantly evolve and complement our ideas. Our newly expanded Design Kids Collection offers more useful nursery, mother and baby products that will have you feeling ready for this monumentally life-changing and utterly beautiful gift of birth and parenthood!