Custom Wooden Shelves

Custom Wooden Shelves

Custom Wooden Shelves & Cabinets

Custom Wooden Shelves or cupboard units can be designed to showcase special memorabilia or valuable artifacts, maximize shelving space for books, or cope with “out of site” storage requirements behind cupboard doors.

Show us a room full of cardboard boxes and we will ensure that there’s a place for it all!

Sideboards, buffets, bookshelves, libraries, fine china cabinets

We understand that choosing cabinets and shelving can be quite a daunting task, which is why Masswood Projects designers are more than happy to provide you with the advice and suggestions that you need. After all, ensuring that your space is ideal for your needs should be your top priority.

Want more than a bookshelf?

We can work with you to create built in cabinetry that is much more than a bookshelf. With the right combination of components and materials, we can find balance that creates an asset to your home and lifestyle. Don’t settle for mediocre, contact Masswood Projects today for a complementary design consultation in your home.

Keep it simple

Simplicity as a concept is still cutting edge design. It underpins your overall message of quality, and ensures the finished product is functional yet flexible – the perfect solution for your home now and into the future. Our cabinet makers are skilled in crafting cabinetry that complements your architectural style and offers a cohesive finish with your decor.


The team at Masswood takes pride in innovative design. Our professional design team can easily work with a number of materials including mirrors, steel, aluminium, glass, leather, crop plating, copper and brass. Each Project is custom designed to meet the requirements and budget of our clients. At Masswood, we guarantee that you will receive the highest quality joinery for your home, with function and style that’s built to last.